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Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems

Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems

Our range of thin coat silicone render systems are available for our customers in Wolverhamtpon and the surrounding areas. It allows you the flexibility to realise even the most demanding designs: whether flat or curved, concave or convex, white or vibrantly coloured.

By specifying a mesh reinforced thin-coat silicone render system, you avoid the problems associated with traditional cementitious renders, such as cracking and colour fading. Silicone Renders feature greater durability, exceptional flexibility and are through-coloured to reduce maintenance requirements.

Some features and benefits of a Thin-coat Silicone Render are; 


Fibre mesh reinforcement means the render system will acheive a low stress point and high plasticity making the system Anti-crack Render System.

Colour Fast

Our silicone renders are fade resistant eliminating the need for future maintainance such as repainting.

Vapour Permeable

This allows the building to breathe, redcucing the risk of internal condensation and mould problems.

Water Repellent 

Protects the fabric of the building from the worst of the UK's weather conditions.

Consistency Of Colour 

Unlike some traditional products or cheaper alternatives with our systems there is no unsightly patches caused through inconsitencies in product quality or application. 

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Heat Loss

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of colours to suit your personal taste
  • Through-coloured silicone renders reduce maintenance and over-painting requirements
  • Stippled, rilled and ‘freestyle’ textures and a range of grain sizes available for a wide selection of design options
  • Weather resistant and vapour permeable finish
  • Mesh Reinforced systems offer more than 20 times the crack resistance of conventional cementitious render systems

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