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Providing a low maintenance, weather resistant,
hard wearing and attractive finish

Monocouche renders are an ideal choice for a low maintainance and durable finish. Consisting of just a single coat, Monocouche render allows for a faster application especially as this is a product we apply by spraying onto the substrate rather than hand applying. Our range of monocouche renders are available in various colours and can be used to produce various finishes that include scraped, roughcast, floated and is also suitable for creating ashlar details and quion features. 

Areas of Application 

Suitable for new blockwork, new or exisiting brickwork, concrete substrates. 

Suitable for new builds or refurbishments where the substrate is sound and level. 

Features and Benefits

Machine applied in one coat for faster application and shorter programme periods. 

Available in a range of colours. 

Factory produced for consistency. 

Good vapour permeability. 

No need to paint or repaint. 

Can be mesh reinforced for extra durability. 

Can be render sealed to minimimse the effects of the harsh UK weather. 


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Monocouche, or through colour render, refers to a type of render that is already pigmented with the final colour. This render comes with numerous benefits making it a very sound choice for the exterior of your property. Here are some of the benefits of using monocouche render, as opposed to standard render:

No need to paint

Monocouche render gets the whole job done all in one go. There is no need to apply any coats of paint once you have rendered, as the colour will already be perfect.

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