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External Wall Insulation

What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation is a method of upgrading the thermal performance and external appearance of existing properties.

Insulation is applied to the exterior walls along with a weatherproof rendering, to provide a protective finish that is attractive, durable and long-lasting.

A variety of different finishes are available so that you can choose a look that complements your property’s style and improves its curb appeal. As well as different colours, external wall insulation is also available in a variety of textures and patterns.

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Heat Loss

External Wall Insulation. The perfect way to transform your property into somewhere warm, energy efficient and attractive.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, we lose about one third of our home’s heat through the walls. And this figure increases even more when the walls in question are uninsulated solid walls.

Applying external wall insulation to your home’s exterior walls will add value to your property, make your home warmer, and reduce your energy bills; making it a highly cost-effective investment.

Why Externally Insulate?

When deciding whether to install internal or external insulation to your home it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each. Whilst internal insulation is usually cheaper, it is also far more disruptive as the work will be going on inside your home. External insulation also provides several advantages that internal insulation does not.

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