External Wall Insulation is a process which involves bonding a layer of insulation material to an exterior wall, covering it with reinforcement and then rendering. This method of insulation is an effective means of improving the thermal performance of a property as well as enhancing the aesthetic of the exterior.

There are a range of weatherproof rendering options to choose from to suit your property’s individual aesthetic. Often homeowners choose a textured render, pebble-dash or even brick effect which each come in a range of different colours and patterns.

What are the Benefits of External Wall Insulation?

Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from external insulation in a number of ways but most notably, financially. On average, UK homes will lose over 30% of their indoor heating as a result of poorly insulated walls. By applying external wall insulation, you will not only save up to £475 on average each year, but your home will also retain heat and be much warmer.

Reducing our carbon footprint has never been more important and for many, the integration of external wall insulation into their homes is the first step in eco friendly living. External wall insulation helps to dramatically reduce the energy loss from your home which in turn reduces your carbon emissions.

With some properties being located in areas prone to high levels of damp and moisture, their structure can quickly become compromised, putting homeowners at risk. The benefit of installing external insulation is that the durable render prevents damp from seeping into the home as well as stopping internal condensation. The breathable and waterproof topcoat of render protects occupants from the elements whilst preventing the growth of mould by keeping the internal temperature consistent.

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits to external wall insulation aside from the practical aspects of insulation and energy saving is the aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners choose this installation as a means of improving the appearance of their homes. It not only provides an opportunity to cover up any decay, cracks and damage to the exterior, it also creates a chance to remodel your home. Whether you are looking to restore your home to its former glory or design a completely new look, the use of an aggregate or texture finish can provide any aesthetic you desire.

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Why should you insulate your home?

Every property is different and when it comes to deciding on whether to install external insulation it is important to look at how your property could benefit. Of course, there are other insulation alternatives such as internal insulation which can often be more cost effective but more disruptive. Ultimately however, there are many reasons and distinct benefits to external insulation that may be able to dramatically improve and bring new life into you home.

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